SOOO…. I’ve been lowkey..

Hey all!!
Hope you all had an amazing Mother’s Day weekend. I have to explain my absence-
Late April and early May is always a difficult time for me. My mother was my world and my mind tends to reminisce about her. I can’t help but be depressed. I’ve suffered from depression since my mother passed in 2007, which was the root of my weight issues. Yep. Typical emotional eater here!
So when her birthday and Mother’s Day come around, I’m a total wreck. So I slipped. AND HARD! No workouts and eating horribly. I acknowledged it but I kept doing it in between crying and being self deprecating.

So now that it’s passed, I’m getting back on track. I have a 5k in two weeks! Lmao! I’m sure I won’t capitalize on the couple of weeks I took off but that’s ok. I’m ready to get back.
So sometimes we fall off. Sometimes we fail-multiple times. It’s ok. We aren’t perfect. I wouldn’t ask any of my fitness bloggers to be. Again, my goal is to inspire and let you all know, this is a journey. Not a race. I will hit my goal weight and the “when” is irrelevant. So for anyone reading this- don’t feel bad for having an off day, week, or month. Just get back on and keep on swimming!

Happy Tuesday!




Sooo….About that Scandal finale…..

Did any of y’all watch Scandal?!? Jeez Louise! That show is amazing! But something I realized that I unconsciously/consciously made some bad eating habits during Scandal.
Every Thursday, I made sure I ate either something greasy and or boozy for an hour. Not even counting the meal prep I have for the week, I’ll just say “fuck it” and grab White Castle or a pizza.
Last night was NO DIFFERENT. I drank a bottle of G wine and ate some McDonald’s chicken nuggets. Now, I’m sure in the back of my mind, I was happy but I’m trying to get my over 30 and sexy on!!! Ugh…. Damn you Kerry Washington and all of your Scandal cohorts!
So….. Although I’ve only been in this journey for 3 months, I have NOT been 100% compliant. And I only can blame myself. So what do I do now that season 4 is done and I gotta watch season 5 come September?
Well, the more of a habit I will make to stay compliant with my eating, by the time Scandal returns, I’ll make more conscientious and better decisions about my eating. It takes 21-28 days to start developing a habit so I should be good by then right?!? 🙂
Also, I would like to say I am the queen of making a healthy meal version of my favorite comfort foods- Without the fat and sugar and whatever chemical additives and preservatives.

So with that being said, I am going to do better with my Thursdays and Like Ms. Pope, I’m going Fix it.

To all my Gladiators and Non-Gladiators alike…..
Enjoy your Easter and enjoy your weekend!


Here we go….. A blogging we will go!

OMG…. I’m gonna try this again. I’m not great at blogging, so if this sounds crazy, I pray it gets better as time progresses and of course when I don’t have to blog on my iPhone.
But I’m Kirsten and I’m have fat. I have a lot of it. I’m doing this blog because I was constantly updating my Facebook and I realize that they need an audience. Maybe if I do this blog, I will continue the following into the blogosphere. I mean, who doesn’t want people to follow on your every word and send you awesome messages? I know I do. But not just that, I see that with my followers who have the same issues or same feelings need someone to relate to. I know I do too. Plus, having an online presence keeps me accountable and it helps motivate others. So yea, why not help those who’s in need of help.

So, you’re wondering how I got here: I lived life and it got excessive. Being a Midwestern girl with strong Southern roots, it’s ok to be chubby. Seeing relatives with “the sugahs” was commonplace. Going to college, working two jobs and taking care of two sick parents, you aren’t allotted the time and energy to eat right and exercise. Plus, why do that when you got PIZZA! YUMMO!
Well, ultimately, mom died my final year of college and it broke me. That’s another post I’ll make but I was broken. Not knowing how to cope, food was my drug. My weight EXPLODED! And in the process, I was working at a desk job(first post collegiate job) and all we did was eat and drink.
So then when I did change jobs(now a freelance makeup artist), I developed severe nerve damage from the weight gain. Six years and 75 pounds later, I was 300+ pounds. Yep…. I was beyond my definition of “thick”. I couldn’t avoid it.
Man, lemme tell you, ya girl was out of control. I could kill a whole pizza, drink a liter of pop, AND make room for dessert!
Now, I’m not one for pain(although I have 3 tattoos and counting), so this nerve damage was not cool. I couldn’t work or stand up longer than 10 mins. It was unbearable. I can’t imagine my relatives with “the sugahs” suffering from what I got or maybe they tolerated it because they couldn’t give up their love of red velvet cake. Mmmmm cake…. Oh sorry. My bad.
So then, after being bed ridden and doing light physical therapy, I said, “eff this”, and here I am. I started working out and made a small concrete goal- to complete a 5k.
Yep….FatGirlSerious is gonna do a 5k(in a month). And I’m scared and excited, AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!!! Lol! So…. I’ve recently lost 20 pounds and I’m ultimately looking to lose 150+ more pounds and then maintain.

So, with fatgirlserious I’m going to update you guys on my thought processes, recipes, my musings, and all the shenanigans that entail with me losing weight. I will not and shall not endorse products on here unless I wholeheartedly believe in it. I’m not here to make money, unless Oprah decides to adopt me and gives me a show on OWN. But I’m doing this from my heart and soul and as I grow, I hope you grow with me. Oh and also I will absolutely will NEVER BODY SHAME! Skinny, overweight, and everything in between, is beautiful.

So….welcome to my blog y’all!!! Happy Thursday!